Board Royale – The Island – Base Game – Award Winning Competitive Survival Card Game for Friends and Family

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BOARD ROYALE is a Survival Card Game with Battle Royale mechanics. You and your friends are stranded on a deserted island and the last man standing wins the game. Gather resources, craft items, and shoot your friends. Make agreements, trade with each other, and betray your best friends before they do. Get to know the true colors of your friends and see what they are capable of when it comes to their survival!
BOARD ROYALE is better with expansions. MILITARY PACK adds much more fire power, DISASTER PACK brings much more catastrophe, SKILLS PACK adds classes and depth to the game, etc. You can get all these expansions and Base Game with SURVIVAL BUNDLE. Buy now and save 26€
FAST START, EASY TO LEARN! A turn based flexible game! Board Royale can be learned under 5 minutes but it offers endless fun. Start a game and begin survival. Also, there are no need for long preparations. You just need two decks to play and friends. “This game plays amazingly well at our lunch table at work. People get dealt in as they sit down.” -Riely Molloy
EVERY KIND OF DEAL ALLOWED! You can play Board Royale as many different way as you can. The limit is your own imagination. Strategic thinking, manipulation, collaboration and betrayal. Do everything to defeat others and become the last man standing. MANY WAYS TO PLAY: There are lots of different play modes for Board Royale. Choose the one that fits your playstyle. Also, you can reate your own home rules. “The sweet spot of Board Royale is the freedom it gives to players.” -GameKickstarter
PLAYERS: For 2-6 players (There are a Dual Mode for 2 players). Age: 13 and UP. GAME DURATION: 30-60 Mins (Game time differs depending on the player count) INSTRUCTIONS: English. CONTENTS: Resources (140 Resources Cards), 80 craftable items (80 Item Cards), Map of the island to survive (Game Board), Rulebook, Madbook ( Written by playtesters to guideline to real survival to newcomers.

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