Gungan Frontier

Gungan Frontier | Release 2000

  • 360-degree, 3D views of the environment and its life forms in multiple zoom levels.
  • Over 80 Star Wars creatures and plants are at your disposal.
  • Life-like creature animations and sounds.
  • Over a dozen missions based on real-world ecological concepts test your knowledge and skill.
  • Create-a-Critter mode lets you design millions of creatures and plants, each with their own unique attributes.
  • The Kresch, a living encyclopedia, provides high-resolution images and detailed descriptions of every creature, plant, and Gungan bubble building.
  • Extensive graphic food web with species specifics, including diet, sounds, and terrain.
  • Detailed population graphs give you feedback to better manage your ecosystem.
  • Beginner and Advanced modes provide challenges both engaging and complex.
  • Free exclusive full-color poster included showcases all the Star Wars creatures and plants.

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